Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quantum Physics and Critical Mass

Critical Mass

The one most frequently asked question when it comes to timing is "when?" Everyone wants to know when. When will I get rich? When will I get healthy? When will I meet my love? When will anything happen?

I am sure, being a mathematician myself, that there is a mathematical formula that can tell us exactly how long it will take from the start of your project: wish, desire, continuous thought to it's physical manifestation in your life.

I must confess that I do not know the mathematical formula, nor do I know how to calculate it. This being mainly because there are so many variables involved. Each person with each wish. thought or desire would be a different equation. There is no way to make one generalization here for everybody.

Therefore let us go with what we do know. We know that as a Solar System we have rotated counter-clockwise around our Galactic Sun so that now we are in an area of Space called the Age of Aquarius.

As a Solar System and a race of humans, we have never been here before; so we really do not know what to expect. But, we can look at what we have already found out from the Age of Aquarius and use it.

We now have the Laws of Quantum Physics which tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of Thinking, Intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean in the Mind of God. There is no time, no past, present nor future in this Quantum Ocean, Mind of God only the NOW.

Everything that ever was, is or will be is in the Quantum Ocean. It is as if the Creator God, the Grand Architect of the Universe placed everything he knew (which is infinite) into an ocean of thinking, energy for our use.

This Ocean of Thinking energy responds to our thoughts. What we think about attracts from the Quantum Ocean (where we exist also) the physical equivalent of our thoughts.

The physical Universe is the stage upon which the Mind of God is shown to us. We are the actors on this stage. We can create by our thoughts any part, any play any scene on this stage by using our thoughts.

As a matter of fact the part we are all playing now on this stage of life we have created with all our thoughts from yesterday far back into all our incarnations. We are now what we have thought before.

So, if we are our thoughts, again the question is, "How long does it take our thoughts to manifest into our lives?" The answer lies in the concept of 'critical mass.'

Critical Mass is that point in time, even smaller than microseconds, when physical manifestation takes place.

In the case of ice, when does water in a lake turn to ice? On a hot, sunny day ice does not exist on the lake. But, day by day, as we enter winter and the temperature drops we get closer and closer to Critical Mass. Every day the ice crystals are building in the lake turning the lake first to slush, then eventually into the solid form we think of as ice. The long period of sustained cold forms the ice crystals which eventually turn to ice. This long period of a sustained condition is important to remember here.

At one point in time there was nothing but water, then in a blink of an eye the ice crystals begin to form in the water. That exact moment that the water molecule turned into an ice crystal is called Critical Mass.

For our lives, we all have wishes, desires, and hopes for attracting more health, wealth and love into our lives, or for anything else we may want.

If we want more health, wealth or love in our lives, then we must think, pray and meditate these thought constantly.

Our thoughts enter the Quantum Ocean and like the water that turns to ice, they must reach critical mass before they manifest physically into our lives.

What determines the timing of Critical Mass? How often you send your thoughts, wishes and prayers out into the Quantum ocean, Mind of God? How long are you able to SUSTAIN these wishes, prayers and thoughts? Repetition, Repetition, Repetition is Heaven's first Law. Repeat, and repeat your POSITIVE thoughts.

The second factor is what energies, thoughts emotions do we carry around in our Aura that negate our prayers or desires? Do you have thoughts, feelings, and emotions against being rich, healthy and loving?

Well this will increase the time that your healthy, wealthy, loving thoughts take to reach Critical Mass.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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