Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics part 2

Quantum Physics + Mental
Radionics = Health

In my previous past (Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics) I described in detail the workings of the Quantum Ocean and Mental Radionics. They are gifts given to us by the Age of Aquarius. We have just entered the Age of Aquarius, and have about 1950 years to go before we enter the Age of Capricorn.

The three most important things i our lives are health, wealth and loving relationships.

Let us talk about health in this article. Quantum Physics, Mental Radionics and Health to be more exact.

We are energy beings. We all are not solid physical bodies. We are several energy fields (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual) held together by our Aura (Panty Hose) which surrounds us.

In the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) there exists and archetype or blueprint of a human being. This is the cookie cutter that our Soul uses to create a physical body when it 'blinks out' of the Quantum Ocean. (Infinite Ocean of Thinking Energy) into the physical world of time and space.

A brand new Soul, so to speak, or a Soul that is experiencing it's first physical incarnation would 'blink out' and create a perfectly healthy body.

But alas, most of us are older Souls and we have collected down through the a Ages of our incarnations may non-divine energies which have attached themselves to our Souls.

So when we 'blink out' into another incarnation our Soul has to use a physical blueprint that has pre-existing energy blockages and form a body that is less God-like.

These energy blockages are what causes illness and dis-eases in the physical body.

If one were to incarnate into the Divine blueprint for a perfectly health human body, and lived correctly, by making sure that there is a sufficient flow of life-force (energy) to the physical body and all it's organs and cells, one would live in perfect health and function, to probably a ripe old age of 144 + years.

But we have been programed with erroneous ideas about health and living. We live amongst millions of people who support these erroneous ideas. We have in the past sabotaged our health with our negative thinking, emoting and acting.

So, here we are with various physical dis-orders dying off at the the early ages of 60, 70, and 80!

But the good news is now with the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Science of Mental Radionics, we can get back on track.

Let us start with the most basic of health exercises, using Mental Radionics.

The Quantum Ocean responds to our thoughts, our images and the use of our symbols.

The Science of Radionics tells us we need three things to practice Magic at a distance: A Power Source, An Intention, (wish or desire), Thought, Image or symbol, and a Target.

Your mind is the simplest, but very powerful, Radionics device.

Let's begin our trip back to better health. No one knows the time factor. Each of us is different. Perform this little Mental Radionics Healing Exercise at least twice a day,(morning and night.)

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair and relax. Breath in and out softly and deeply. When you feel your are in a relaxed state, start your visualization. Visualize that you are sitting in that infinite Ocean of Thinking Energy, the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God!)

Inside this Quantum Ocean is the Divine Blueprint for everything that ever was, is or will be. The Divine Blueprint for perfect health is there.

Take a deep breath and intone,: "I am now manifesting the Divine Blueprint of perfect health out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) into every cell of my body."

See and feel this blueprint (overlay, pattern) settling down over your body. See it's sparkling flecks of white light.

Take three breaths and make three intonations. Sit and relax while the energy of the Divine Blueprint enters every cell in your body and start the healing process.

Here's what has just happened. Your mind is a powerful Radionics device. When you intoned the words 'Divine Blueprint' it reached into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and made contact with that Divine Blueprint.

When you intoned, "...... Into every cell of my body....," you gave this healing energy a

Your mind (power source) wants perfect health (intention) in every cell of your body, (Target.)

Every day, do not rush or be impatient. How many years or incarnations have you lived or thought incorrectly? How many mental and emotional and spiritual blockages do you have? Only time will tell, and it will take Time. But it works. It is the Law. The Law of Quantum Physics.

Future articles will explain the use of photos, symbols and images to help the healing process.
Quantum Physics and Mental
Part 1

We have just entered the Age of Aquarius which will be with us fro the next 2000 years or so.. This is the Age of Science, the Age of "I Know," The Age of the Mind.

We have already been given three gifts from the New Age of Aquarius. These are the Science of Radionics, Laws of Quantum Physics and the Internet.

Let's start with the Internet. The Age of Aquarius is designated the Age of "I Know." The time of the middle man, The Age of Pisces is over. No longer will man need to ask anyone else for advice. The answer to all of his questions will be answered directly by himself. He will KNOW the answers to his questions by direct perception.

As we continue on this 2000 year voyage into the Age of "I Know," the Internet will be invaluable for providing the wisdom and knowledge man will need for self direction.

As I write this article wise men and women all over the world are also writing articles, essays, building websites with valuable wisdom and knowledge to be shared by all.

No longer will the wisdom and knowledge of Creation and Co-Creation be held in secrecy by a select few.

The knowledge and wisdom which will allow man to evolve; to raise his level of consciousness; to become more God-like will be available free for all who have eyes to see and desire to search. On the more mundane levels, man will have the tools and wisdom and knowledge at his disposal to attract more health, wealth, and love into his life now. That is the power of the gift of the Internet.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there is an infinite Ocean of Thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. I like to think of it as the Mind of God.

In this infinite Ocean of intelligent unmanifested energy all exists. Everything that ever was, is or will be is in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.) There is no time. There is no past, present or future. There is only the NOW. There is no physical space, only the here. The Quantum Ocean is the HERE-NOW of reality.

The most important quality of this intelligent thinking, infinite ocean, called the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) is that it responds to the thoughts of man.

What ever man thinks will respond to similar thoughts in the Quantum Ocean. These thoughts will manifest into the physical reality of the the thinker.

What you think about you will eventually get. Watch your thoughts. What you have thought about yesterday and all the yesterday's before, have created you physical reality or your today.

The beauty of the gift of the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Quantum Ocean is that you can change your life by changing your thoughts.

The science of Radionics has been around for about a hundred years. There are many pioneers in this field, Wilhelm Reich being the most known.

Simply speaking Radionics is Magic at a distance. It is the affecting and attracting the the unmanifested intelligent energies of the Quantum Ocean. You bring these energies into your life to improve it.

Radionics works on three principles. You need a power source, and intention (What you want?) and a Target (Where do you want the attracted energies to go?)

Radionics devices come in all shapes and sizes. From an expensive $5000 electronics model; a home made Orgone Generator to a hand drawn symbolic schematic on a piece of paper. They all work in various degrees.

Now, during the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Mind, we now have the powerful tool of "Mental Radionics."

We no longer need a Radionics device, unless you enjoy using one.

The mind is the power source. A simple symbol or mental picture is the intent. Your Aura (energy field) is the target.

Your mind has the power to take your mental picture or symbol connect it to the non-manifested energies within the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and attract these energies into your Aura. What ever energies you carry in your Aura, attracts your life.

My next article will give specific and practical uses of Mental Radionics.